Captain’s Log 11 May 2010 – Proficiency Flight Review

Joey preflighting for PFR


Nobody is just a bush pilot.  I am also an aircraft mechanic and baggage handler, ticket agent, bookkeeper and weatherman.  What one might call a “dog’s body” in a British culture.   One of my many jobs here is being the chief pilot for MAF East DRC which involves checking out the new pilots that come out to fly and giving 6 month proficiency flight reviews.  Joey Lincoln has just returned from furlough in the States so we did his PFR together today in the Caravan.  This review helps to keep us in top shape to handle the demanding flying conditions here and maintain a high level of proficiency and safety.  We review all the aspects of a typical flight.  We practiced takeoff and landing techniques for the short and soft fields as well as emergency situations like engine failures, fires, weather and much more.

We had a great day for it with lovely cloud cover and strikingly green grass.  My sister Lu came along for part of it and took some brilliant pix.  We went into some wonderful little airstrips of dubious length and condition.  Joey did a great job and he is now “back in the saddle” again.   This is a great part of my job as I work toward keeping safety in the top of our priorities and pass on lessons learned form the accumulated experiences of the 100’s of pilots that have flown with MAF over the years.

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One Response to Captain’s Log 11 May 2010 – Proficiency Flight Review

  1. Helen Cadd says:

    I love your Captain’s Blog–and getting notices by e-mail when there is something new. Keep it up–but also keep writing your book. You’re doing a great job–not only flying, but also writing. I love you and am so proud of you. MOM

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