Captain’s Log 19 May 2010 – Back with Eye Doctor

Cher woke me up with fingernails in my arm to the rattling of an earthquake at around 1:00 a.m. and about a half an hour later it started to rain hard.  It sounds lovely on our tin roof and our water tank was being filled nicely, but I had the hardest time going back to sleep.  I know I saw 4:00 a.m. on my bedside clock.  I should have just read a book or something for a while.  6:00 a.m. came earlier than usual it seemed.  But with a cup of coffee we were off at the normal time.  My sister Lu came along again so we have some great pix.

Girl getting “eye” installed in Land Cruiser on Amadi Airstrip as we wait

We loaded the plane with cargo including 3 generators, one of them quite big and our passengers and went off on our zigzagging route for the day.  Along with everything else we would do, we were picking up the doctor team in Amadi after their week of work.  We got out and loaded the plane with their equipment but they said they were not quite done yet.  There was another patient that they were still working with who had lost an eye and they were fitting a prosthetic one.  Could we wait just a little bit longer?  Of course we did.  It was interesting to watch as they worked in the front seat of the Land Cruiser.  What do you think?

We went back to Isiro and dropped that team and picked up another team that works to heal the hurts life long warring between tribes in this region.  Imagine if you had seen your entire family hacked to death with machetes in front of your eyes. Could you forgive the people who did that?  Of course, your tribe had done the same thing to that tribe 20 years earlier and they had been holding that in their hearts all this time.  How does something like that ever stop?  It has been going on for centuries.

Dropping off Reconciliation Team

As I see it, the team that we took to Epulu to join with the rest of their friends for a “reconciliation seminar” are coming with the best hope for real forgiveness and breaking the chain of hatred.  I have been so impressed with what these guys do.  There are amazing stories of the forgiveness that even the team members themselves have had to deal with.  All of this would be impossible trying to manufacture it in yourself.  There is only one way this can happen.  Only the God who gave his son to save the very people who he knew would torture him to death can work in a human heart to accomplish that kind of healing.

We came back into Bunia after a long day and really felt that it was good to be here in the DRC.  Good things were happening and we got to be a part of it.

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