Captain’s Log 20 May 2010 -Flaps Broke

Distracting things on a preflight. Beautiful leaf like moth.

As I shut down the plane at the end of the day yesterday I noticed that the flap circuit breaker was popped out.  The flaps were also not all the way up even though the flap handle was.  I pushed the CB back in and tried to get the flaps up but it just popped again.   It had been a long day and there was no flight on the schedule for tomorrow so after eliminating all the simple stuff we went home and planned to come out the next day.

Lary Strietzel, one of our other pilots came with me in the morning and we soon found that the gearbox between the flap motors was grinding and sticking down.   On disassembly we found a small chunk of metal which had stopped the gears from turning.  That in turn had sheared the clutch coupling.  We just happened to have a spare in the little tool box under the co-pilots seat!  Can you believe it?  Murphy lost this one.  It all went just perfectly cleaning everything up and putting the new parts in.  This was a good example of why MAF wants all their pilots to have aircraft mechanics licenses.  It saved us a trip to Uganda where we do most of our maintenance and we were able to keep flying safely.

Guys carrying their store. It is made out of mahogany.

On the way to work today I saw some guys moving house.  A bit different idea than the last time most of you did that I bet!

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