Captain’s Log 28 May 2010 – The Beautiful Places


Some of the beautiful places in Africa that I put into he GPS for “some day”.

Flying across the Ituri Rainforest today I was amazed again at how beautiful it really is.  I flew over a GPS position called, “JON’S 1”, which is a position I put in to mark one of those amazing places that would make a wonderful home.  Big beautiful granite kopje’s that look like they are giant whales spilling trees off their sides as they break out of the “watery” forest.  It is a thing to see.  There is a little river running in the valley below and a small ido, or opening, in the forest with elephant spoor walking through it proving that there is wildlife around.  I love those kinds of places.  So I put them in my GPS and drop by every now and then.  WFAL1, for a beautiful waterfall that I may have been the only one to enjoy in years, ELE4 for a place I always see elephants, JON 3 for a canyon so deep and steep that it takes your breath away, and yet there are elephant trails zigzagging up the sides of the almost vertical cliffs.  I have actually seen the elephants on these trails like mountain goats moving slowly upward to get to some private place they like to go annually.  Places that look for all the world like what the man who wrote, “Where Elephants Go To Die” must have visualized in his mind. But I am there and it is as spectacular as can be.    I stick it in the GPS.  Of course, one of the other pilots comes along and needs more space in the menu and deletes it not knowing what it is and I have to discover it all over.  I am encouraged to think that Angel Falls in South America was actually discovered by a passing pilot.  I will probably not “discover” a landmark that would be so world famous but I am happy that my special places are there for me to see, and the longer they stay unknown the better for the place.

One of my places in Mozambique has three big granite kopjes, a lovely little river at the base of the biggest one.  One side of the rock could be walked up with some work, but the other three are straight up and down.  On top are three very round holes, one after another, that hold water when rain is about.  They look like hot tubs, waiting for someone to sit and relax in them, watching the sun go down as the unsuspecting elephants and buffalo walk by below.   I can see right where to put my house.  Only access is by helicopter or on foot.  Ah, maybe someday.  I know what heaven must be like.  Until then I keep looking for the perfect spot here in Africa.

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3 Responses to Captain’s Log 28 May 2010 – The Beautiful Places

  1. Jon if that place in Mozambique is near Gurue, I hope you like neighbors. I remember flying over several places like that with you as we went to visit John and Wanne or the Randolphs. I have enjoyed your blog a lot and it bring back so many great memories of flying with you in Zambia,Malawi, Moz and Zimbabwe. Wish I had reasons to go visit the rain forest where you are now. If you are still in Nairobi give me a call.

    • jcadd says:

      Hey Mark, I can’t believe I didn’t see this and reply! Sorry. Gurue is amazing but too many people my place is further north and there are elephants at the very least. Neighbors like you would be a pleasure. you guys are GREAT!
      You must come and visit here. Love you guys,

  2. Miriam says:

    You have made me ache to be there with you!

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