Captain’s Log 18 June 2010- Beach Birthday Holiday

Josh and I bodyboarding in the surf on the first day

We have been away from computers and all things work related for a while.  We just returned from a lovely time at the Kenya south coast.  We stayed at a wonderful two

Jinchini Beach House on Kenya South Coast

storey thatched house in a coastal Arab style with delightful staff on a great bit of beach and spent most of our days in water or walking the sands or just resting and enjoying each others’ company.  There was seafood galore and we had our fill of prawns and fish and lobster and calamari and coconut rice and fresh tropical fruit, all for the price of eating at McDonald’s.   The waves were big and we did a lot of body-boarding until the waves got so big

Cher’s Birthday Celebration Surrounded by Family

they were dumping us right on the sand and we broke three boards in quick succession, one into Cher’s middle, making a big bruise and cracking some ribs.   That was not so nice

Grandkids and I playing in the pool

but she was a great sport about everything and we celebrated her big birthday in great style.  When we weren’t in the sea we were in the pool with the grandkids playing pirate games or out collecting the beautiful red seeds that look like heart shaped Redhots from one of the many nice trees that decorate the property.

Oh, on the way down to the coast we broke up the trip by staying at Tsavo National Park for one night.  It is always wonderful to be around elephants and the wildlife of Africa surrounded by such amazing scenery.  The warden there is a very nice man and has been very good to us.  I once fixed the alternator on his plane and he flew Josh and me around the park afterwards showing us things most people never get to see.  The lions did not eat us and that is always good.

Lovely Tsavo Elephants

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6 Responses to Captain’s Log 18 June 2010- Beach Birthday Holiday

  1. Chris says:

    No, not snakes, i meant LIONS!
    Snakes, its becasue i had just read Caleb’s mom comment —ha snakes in bed— oh my gosh! Who would sleep in that bed again. Hi Caleb!

  2. Chris says:

    I have not seen the snakes photo, were you afraid to get snapshop close?
    I am so glad you had a wonderful time. Cher so sorry about your rib, by this time you should be over it. It was nice time to glimpse you at transit Kampala be Congo.

  3. Damon Ellis says:

    That sounds like such a nice vacation! Great pictures!

    We miss you guys so much.


  4. Hannah Van de Ruit & Co. says:

    Hope you had an absolutely fantastic day!!! =DDD
    Over here, Caleb is shocking folks with his daring tales of his snake adventures and he refers to you as his substitute grand-parents. He is looking forward to his next visit to you both in the wild jungles of Congo!!
    As for the rest of us, we’re trying to cope with Caleb’s explosive energy in a small flat appartment that we’re borrowing from friends in windy, blustery Holland (11 degrees C!!! And its SUPPOSED to be summer!!!)
    But, WAIT!! It gets better… Caleb discovered CABLE TELEVISION!!!
    So now he spends lots of time watching OTHER people catching and wrestling with writhing, hissing, slithery reptiles instead of doing it himself. Mom breathes a sigh of relief. I’m glad he hasn’t put his egg-eating snake in my bed for a while (and yes, I know it’s not poisonous and yes, it has a nice personality – wait, a snake can have a personality? anyway, WHO likes a snake up close and personal first thing in the morning, esp. in your comfy, warm bed…)
    Caleb screams, “Hey, Mom, LOOK!! The cobra bit him in the gonads!!”

  5. Miriam says:

    Is Cher okay??

    Glad you had such a good time. It looks stunningly beautiful. Take me next time? 🙂

    • jcadd says:

      Cher has some very colorful bruises and some bug bites that are making her more crazy but other than that I think she is getting better.
      You would love that place. Cheers, Jon

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