Captain’s Log 26 June 2010 – Driving Nairobi to the Nile

Elephant on Banks of the Nile River

After returning from our holiday we, with the help of Lu my sister, packed up all that was left in our Uganda home, which may sound like a little thing in only 10 words but I can tell you it was work.  We stored things that will be brought over later as there is room in the plane.  We loaded up our vehicle and hit the road again.  We drove north to cross the Nile River where it comes out of Lake Albert at the very top.  As that is all right around Murchison Falls National Park we decided to do our overnight there. We stayed at Hot Chili, a tented camp with some bandas.  We managed to get the last banda available and

On the boat enjoying the beauty. Of my bride as well and the river.

went right down to the boat to cruise up the Victoria Nile to the falls.  It was a lovely trip with many great animals and rain falling hard much of the way up.  I love being on the water in wildlife areas as the animals will often let you get closer as they don’t perceive you as much of a threat. We were so close to a 14 foot croc that even I was a bit on the interested side to see how this big guy would explode into the water as we gave him very little room for escape.

Close up on a big Croc

He must have thought that if he stayed still enough we would not be able to see him.  Cher was not even sure he was alive but I saw him breathe once.  I could have reached out and touched him if I had not wanted to keep my arms.

We passed the spot where the light airplane Hemingway was circling the falls in crashed.  Although injured, nobody died.  Not even in the rescue plane, that also crashed while circling the first crash!  There is a lesson for pilots there.  The first thing is to fly the airplane.  And keep the ball in the center!  There is more if you are interested.

Murchison Falls on the Victoria Nile

Murchison Falls on the Nile

Despite the odd scorpion, we slept well and woke early to grab a quiet cup of coffee before rushing off to catch the ferry across the Nile.  We had a bit of a game drive in the morning on the way out of the park.

On the ferry with Cher crossing the Nile at sunrise

It was wonderful scenery with rolling grassy hills and Borassus palms dotting the horizon and filling the little valleys, their straight trunks with a big swell up by the neck looking like a python that has just swallowed a basketball.  We watched a family group of elephant for quite a while.  Little babies breast feeding.  We even got a bit of a rev from .  That always makes me happy.  Jackson’s hartebeests with their long

Funny looking Jackson’s hartebeest

thin faces must be one of the ugliest of God’s creation.  Lu didn’t think so.  Sometimes things are so unusual they are beautiful.  Maybe that’s the category in which they fall.   Piapiacs, Cattle Egrets and Oxpeckers on the backs of buffalo who looked at us “like we owed them money”.  We left the park through a grove of Acacia, elephant materializing and then fading away back into the tall grass.  It was stunning beauty that healed our souls.

Big bad Buffalo and Uganda Kob

Elephant in grass under acacia grove

Elephant in grass under acacia grove

I will stop there and tell you about the rest of the drive to Congo.  The pix are all by Lu as our camera batteries died.  She is very talented and I thank her for her input on this blog.

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3 Responses to Captain’s Log 26 June 2010 – Driving Nairobi to the Nile

  1. Kathy love says:

    As usual I love this I know your life is probably lonely for your home occasionally but the life you live is so worth everything that you’ve given up for it and what you get out of it keep up the good work guys were praying for you

  2. Chris says:

    Great pix, Lu.
    They are so natural and beautiful. I envy you guys. Looks like you have been at all the beautiful God’s creation scenarios. Bless you all.

    • jcadd says:

      Hey Chris,
      I don’t know how your letter got by me without answering. It was an amazing trip with wonderful wild beauty. One of the things I didn’t mention, that I quite enjoyed is that we passed the crash sight where Earnest Hemingway, the novelist, hunter, adventurer, was circling the falls in a small plane and came short as so many do when circling things on the ground. He and his wife walked away from the crash and were rescued by one of the launches taking tourist to the falls. They were taken back to the local airport to return to Kampala where they promptly crashed on takeoff and the plane burned. They also managed to all get out of that wreck without serious injury. I guess there are some good reasons why we like to keep well focused on flying when we are circling things on the ground. Why MAF requires us to have two crew on search and rescue missions. One totally dedicated to flying and the other to look on the ground.
      We will miss you guys. Praying for you at this Christmas. Jon

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