Captain’s Log 28 June 2010-Flight to Isiro and Dungu

It was a short day just going to Isiro, Dungu and Doko before returning to Bunia.  The weather was cloudy but not too bad as I left Bunia but as I hit the forest the clouds became increasingly solid below me as well as a complete overcast above me.  There were also clouds in between all of that and I started to question the satellite pictures I had seen before leaving as well as the report of “lovely weather” that we got from our people in Isiro.   It is not an uncommon thing to have a very positive weather report from people who really want you to come and pick them up.  I have flown for hours through very questionable weather on the promise of very sunny skies just ahead.  This was looking like another one of those days.  I kept climbing the little Cessna 206 higher trying to stay in a clear place and by the time I was to start my decent I was still having to climb.

Only 8 miles out and I was still at 8500 feet and looking for a way down.  Bettina, the SIL missionary lady, was in the back praying.  As we got even closer there was a little hole not a kilometer around and I circled down slowly to about 500 feet above the trees and had a clear path through to Isiro from there.  Not what I would call “Lovely weather” but we were there.  I flew on to Dungu underneath the clouds, which is not all bad though there is not as much time to react to an emergency.  The 30 miles visibility was great.  I dropped off Medair people there and carried on back to Bunia after a few more changes to the schedule.  A good day at the office in the end!

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