Captain’s Log 12 July 2010 – World Cup championship night at MONUC

It has been great fun watching the World Cup football, (soccer for that small portion of people in the US who have their own form of football).  We have been going down to the MONUC club for the games on the big screen by satellite where all the different nationalities of people in the UN and missions and NGOs here come to watch the game and root for their team.

It is always better when you want someone in particular to win.  And so we chose the Spanish because my sister thinks they have the best looking guys.  Not a good reason to pick them but, what do you know?  They won!  It was a fun distraction and we met some new people and a good time was had by all.  Well, maybe not the guys voting for Holland!

Happy times Outside with the World Cup on the Big Screen

Today we got the news that there had been two bombings and another failed attempt over in Kampala, Uganda where we were living till the first of the year.  Similar gatherings to the one that we had just been at, and the “attempt” meant for a place we would probably have been at that night had we stayed in Kampala, so it struck home how easily things can go wrong.   74 people were reported to have died and quite a few people who had come out to volunteer in an orphanage or with the group “Invisible Children”     were among the injured and dead.  Four young people are from the Pennsylvania home church of a missionary friend of ours.  You can pray for one of the young girls who may lose both her legs.  Families all over Uganda are mourning today.  This is not the way it is supposed to be…as a friend said, “A cowardly act”.  I have put a Link up if you would like more news on this bombing.

Captain’s Log 12 July 2010 – Little things that make life nice

It was an interesting…and beautiful day at the office.  Changes as usual but, as it ended up, I went to 8 different airstrips and got lots of people and stuff where they needed to go.  I let a young man see what it was like to be a bush pilot and fly an airplane.  I got some humanitarian workers out of a hot area that had an incident with a small group of LRA militia yesterday, surprised some missionaries deep in the forest with some fresh vegetables, took car spares to get the mission vehicle back running again, brought people their long awaited mail, got some missionaries back to their homes, I took a Bible translator to his area of work, brought some building supplies to do the repairs on one of the mission houses, took some stranded kids back to their parents, and lots more.  It was a very regular sort of day, a nice day that seems a very normal life to me now but I really enjoy it still and we saw some beautiful places.

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