Captain’s Log 27 August 2010 – Guiding Again


Semliki River channel between Lake Albert and Lake Edward

A lovely herd of elephant

One of the really fun parts of my job is to be able to show other people the beauties of the parts of the planet that I inhabit.  And there is an endless stream of beauty around here.  My sister Lu came along on this flight which is one of the most beautiful and interesting routes I have ever flown.  It was good to show her.  This is a very smoky time of year with everyone burning whatever will burn so the sky is just a lot of work getting through without seeing things until they are very close to you.  You really pay attention to talk of traffic on the radio and report your position as if your life depended on others knowing right where you are.  I was worried that Lu, who is a brilliant photographer, would not have anything to shoot.  She did keep saying “this is just not going to work” but in the end she had a wonderful string of pictures that make my pix on a good day look like they were taken on a little brownie camera from the 50’s.

The lava was bubbling 10 feet into the air and the level looked to have dropped significantly.

We were up above the smoke when we went by the Rwenzori’s and down over the park and up by the rim of the Volcano… it was very nice if I do say so.  There is grandness and the kind of power that is out of our control that can make you feel very insignificant. The awe and delight of people seeing something new of God’s amazing work is a wonderful thing to behold.  It is praise to Him I reckon. When I see that kind of thing I like to remember to praise the Creator and not just the creation.

Finally with hands off their eyes but still not happy

We picked up 3 families to go back to USB for the next term at university, which was our reason for another trip down this way.  It is great to be a part of people’s lives like this.  After I had taken off and gotten through my climb checklist I turned to see how the passengers were doing.  The two little girls behind me still had their hands covering their eyes as if there was a huge horror movie going on outside the windows of the plane.  Maybe to them it was.

Goma on the lakeshore of Lake Kivu

Lest you all rush over to see us and all the beauty, there was the always present harassment/shakedown argument with officious officials who want your money, not to help the government in any way but only to get something to take home.  I spend my life here trying to keep hold of what I can.  Sometime I will post a list of all the taxes paid by passengers who fly with us.  It is quite incredible.

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