rCaptain’s Log-31 October 2010- Evac pick-up from Boga


Beautiful waterfalls into the Samliki Valley through the green hills of Africa

We got a call last night for a pickup of 4 people out of Boga because of an attack by militia in a village on the road between Boga and Aveba.  Nothing too big but part of the group would have to drive that road the next day or so and thought it would be better all around to get out of that area by air.  We haven’t been flying into Boga much for a while, with a bit more stability in the area, but that doesn’t seem to last forever here.

Samliki River in flood as it is the rainy season

Boga is a Swahili word that means pumkin or vegetables and is very furtile and beautiful.   It is a hilly area that flows down into the Samliki valley below.   The airstrip is on the side of one of these hills with a very steep incline that takes almost full power on the Cessna 206 to taxi to the top for the takeoff.  There had been a football field right in the middle  the last time I flew by but the goalposts were down now and the grass was cut nicely.  It is a short flight from Bunia and the sun glistened off of the few clouds that built up on the mountains by Lake Albert. I flew out along these mountains to avoid the militia area that was on my direct course.  There are waterfalls and with the Rwenzoris in the background it is all quite stunning.

On the way home from Boga

The clouds were down on the tops of some of the hills around the strip so my low approach enabled me to see that life was carrying on normally as I circled at about 500 feet above the strip with the clouds just above me.  The uphill helps to stop the plane quickly and people soon gathered in the excitement of an arrival.  The passengers hadn’t arrived yet.  The road was washed out and they had to walk the last bit.  We managed the takeoff without incident and climbed out over areas of erosion that look like a mini grand canyon.  There was a great view of the waterfall before we landed back in Bunia in time to go to church.  A very nice day at the office!

Mini Grand Canyon of erosion in the valley

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One Response to rCaptain’s Log-31 October 2010- Evac pick-up from Boga

  1. Helen Cadd says:

    I love reading what you write–and seeing your photos. It really helps me know more what you are doing–it helps me know better how to pray for you. I’m so proud of you and your work in helping people is so rewarding. I love you tons, and keep writing. MOM

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