Captain’s Log-5 November 2010-Mungbere Medicine Run

Storm on the horizon

Trailer Full of Medicines

Trailer Full of Medicines

Today I flew over to Entebbe and Kajjansi with a cloud ceiling that slowly got lower and lower.  A small piece of vacuum line in my instrument system had broken and I got some help from Stan and Kees to fix it.  The vacuum was quickly restored and I was back on my way.  I picked up a plane full of medicines for Mungbere Hospital in Entebbe and was off to Bunia to clear customs and then deliver the goods.   I decided to take Cadima, one of our workers, along since he hadn’t ridden in the plane before.  He was very excited as we took off and climbed over the forest.  He was very excited as we took off and climbed over the forest.

Chanting Children around the plane. It is better than television

 A tractor/trailer and a Landrover were there to pick up the medicines from the plane and the usual crowd gathered around as we unloaded.  The kids were very happy to have their picture taken and chanted at me to take some more.  Another beautiful day at the office.

Cadima Very Happy with His Plantain Bananas

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