Captain’s Log-25 December 2010-Christmas Greetings

We have so many friends around the world and we want to wish each of you a great time with family and friends this year.  We are blessed to be with some of our family this day.  My sister Lu, as well as my son Josh, Audra and our grandkids.  We have decorated our home with lights, (which we can’t really turn on because of no electricity), Cher  constructed a “tree” out of the wire we usually use to install antennas, and put our decorations from years of traveling the world on it. We have already been to Christmas parties with coworkers and had many of our Bunia friends around. We watched traditional family favorite movies like White Christmas and Scrooge.  And in spite of hot, dry and dusty days, it still feels like Christmas.

Gabe and Raeleigh with “Papa Jon and Grandma Cher”

We had a wonderful Christmas day today and hope each of you have had as nice a one.  Don’t forget the reason for the season in all the business.  God bless us every one!

The baby hedgehog and I take a nap after Christmas dinner. Very Relaxed!

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2 Responses to Captain’s Log-25 December 2010-Christmas Greetings

  1. Hannah says:

    The baby hedgehog is adorable!! Can’t wait to see more pictures :))

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