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Captain’s Log-29 January 2011-Lots Happening

This is a bit of a catch up, but it has been a very busy week.  The 24th was fun as I got back in the 206 after a long time flying the Caravan for a flight around East Congo. … Continue reading

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Captain’s Log-26 January 2011- Reconciliation Team Flights

  I just finished some flights for one of the most exciting things I get to be a part of with MAF here East Congo.  That is flying the OEIL Reconciliation team.  I have been so impressed with these men … Continue reading

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Captain’s Log-18 January 2011-Flying over the trouble

As we descended into Dungu, Burtrand said, “I suppose you heard about Saturday in Bangadi”.  No, I had not.  He said there had been an attack between Bangadi and Ngilima.  On Friday I flew out the MSF people that had … Continue reading

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Captain’s Log-13 January 2011-Usual Daze-Bangadi

It has been a pretty normal week with lots of flying.  There has been a lot of MSF flying; supplies and people.  We went into Bangadi, a place I haven’t been for quite a while, and there was no strip … Continue reading

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Captain’s Log-5 January 2011- New Post in Beside the Campfire

There is a new post in “Beside the Campfire” about God talking.  Hope you will respond.  You have to go right to the bottom of that page to do that. We had a great holiday in Nairobi with the kids … Continue reading

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