Captain’s Log-5 January 2011- New Post in Beside the Campfire

Raeleigh with a hat full of Von Hohnel’s Chameleons at the Hatfield’s Home

There is a new post in “Beside the Campfire” about God talking.  Hope you will respond.  You have to go right to the bottom of that page to do that.

Christmas picture with all the family in Africa

Christmas picture with all the family that is in Africa

We had a great holiday in Nairobi with the kids and grandkids.  Lu, my sister, was able to join us there after a photo shoot in Uganda.  We are now back in Bunia where flying is always a joy.  I have already been out to Dingila, Doruma, and Dungu.  We had a nice rain today and hail the size of peas.  It has been cool and our water tanks are filling up again.

Fraser Smith-former Garamba N.P. pilot with my grandkids hand feeding wild warthogs in his back garden. Wonderful!

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6 Responses to Captain’s Log-5 January 2011- New Post in Beside the Campfire

  1. Colin and Jane Howard says:

    Hi There,
    We have just found your most interesting blog….Jane and I stayed/worked at Garamba with Kes,Fraser, Chyulu and Doungu for 10 weeks during 1996..The image you posted with the warthogs at their place certainly brings back memories,

    Do you know if they are still living there on a permanant basis or are they in Nairobi some of the time? It sounds like some development has been going on recently…

    Would you have any contact details for Kes and Fraser?

    Anything you could tell us would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

    Colin and Jane.
    New Zealand.

  2. Helen Cadd says:

    I love the photos–would love to have been there too. Thanks for sending them. MOM

  3. Bruce says:

    A true bush pilot, with a huge heart. Well done sir!! I found your blog today and thoroughly enjoy the pictures and stories of Africa and Flying. You put the stories down on the screen so well, thanks. I miss Africa. I always dreamed of doing what you are doing!
    Look forward to more. Pray for you guys and the tough environment your in.

    • jcadd says:

      Hey Bruce, Great to have you reading. Where are you now? Did you used to live in Africa? You should go with your dreams. Don’t settle. Thanks for the prayers. I can use them. Jon

  4. Carolyn says:

    What a great family photo! And I love the chameleon hat! Warthogs, too! Fun.

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