Captain’s Log-18 January 2011-Flying over the trouble

As we descended into Dungu, Burtrand said, “I suppose you heard about Saturday in Bangadi”.  No, I had not.  He said there had been an attack between Bangadi and Ngilima.  On Friday I flew out the MSF people that had been working alongside another organization who had driven out on Saturday and were ambushed on the road by LRA. One well known Sister was killed but the rest of the people managed to run into the bush and escape.  The vehicle was then looted and burnt.  Not nice.  It is a rough area to work in.  The plane is a big advantage to safe operations here.

I talked to some of the ASF workers when I got on the ground and they told the same story.  Things can get exaggerated.  They also said that 3 people had been killed Sunday 12 kilometers outside of Doruma, my next destination.  We flew up with a load of people and supplies and, although people were nervous, it was thought that the LRA would not come into town.  Let us pray so.

I flew on to Dingila and Ango before returning to Bunia.  Another interesting day at the office.

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