Captain’s Log-3 March 2011-My Friend Andy Searle


Warden Andy Searle was a great friend

There is a new story under Wildlife and Hunting about my good friend Andy.  There are so many great stories with him that I will have to write a few more later.  Hope you enjoy these.  Anyone else have some good memories with Andy?  I would love to hear them.

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5 Responses to Captain’s Log-3 March 2011-My Friend Andy Searle

  1. Jess Fick says:

    Hi Jon!! So wonderful to see Andy’s picture on face book! It’s been so many years now, but it seems like just the other day that we were with him in Hwange. I’ve sent the link to Loll; I’m sure, if she can connect, she’d love to see this. Especially for Drew. They both spent Christmas with us the last couple of years. Drew looks so much like Andy, it’s amazing. Same smile, same legs, same arms and hands. He’s a wonderful kid.
    How are the Cadds? I remember you most from looking after your house in Harare with Loll, and having Bruce the Mongoose sharing the water bed!

    Take care and lovely to hear from you,

    Jess (nee Putterill)

    • jcadd says:

      Hey Jess, How wonderful to hear from you. What a great thing. Hope all is well with your family and I am really looking forward to hearing all your news from Zim. Blessings on you, Jon

  2. LuAnne Cadd says:

    I have many wonderful memories of Andy, and most are from just a few weeks with him in the US. It’s hard to look at that lovely face. Bitter-sweet. He was such a good man. I wish he was still here. You didn’t say that he died in a chopper crash.

    • mjellis10 says:

      Thank you, I was just wondering about how he died. How sad. He looks so young.

      Also that lion attack story was enough to scare both Damon and I spitless. Thanks for that. 🙂

    • jcadd says:

      Hi Lu,
      Yes, very good man. I will write more later. Started with a different story “the best walk I ever had” but had to tell the first bit in the end. I will get to the real beginning later I guess. Jon

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