Captain’s Log-26 March 2011-The Scarlet Valentine!


Our son Caleb with his new little baby girl. Very emotional times. Jessica’s loving hand on his shoulder.

Little baby Scarlet with her eyes open.

The other day we got an exciting email from Ca saying it was 4 AM and he and Jessica were on the way to the hospital! He was very nervous.  We were very excited and Cher, who was on her way to the States for the birth in only 3 days, was a just little disappointed.  But mostly we were excited.  I think it was one of the shortest deliveries on record.  It was only around five minutes from the time they got to the hospital until little Scarlet Grace LeAnn Cadd was born, (isn’t that a great name?) and we are all over the moon.  Especially her daddy, who we were told was very emotional.

The birth of a child is something special but when it is one of yours it takes on an even deeper significance to you.  It is as though a long line continues.  Unbroken.  Life has continuity. There is something bigger than just you going on around you, but you are playing a part.  It clears your vision somehow.

Scarlet with Grandma Cher and big brother Jullian who really loves his new sister

When it happened to me, I remember, suddenly understanding the hurts of my wayward friend’s fathers and things my folks had been telling me for years that until that moment, had been meaningless.  I had crossed over some barrier never before known.

Congratulations to you, my son Caleb, and to Jessica, for doing the hard part, and to big brother Jullian.  May you have great joy in this life as father and mother and brother.  And may God grant you the wisdom and patience you will need to be really great at it.  I wish you every good thing.  Love always,

Dad or Papa or Babu or Grandpa.

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4 Responses to Captain’s Log-26 March 2011-The Scarlet Valentine!

  1. Dave & Chrissie says:

    Congrats Caleb. Well done… The delight of having children never ends, and soon we will be grand parents ourselves. In july to be exact. Bless you
    D & C

  2. Miriam says:

    These pictures are all fabulous! Scarlet is so beautiful. 🙂

    I love her name – all of it – and what a great day for a Scarlet to be born on!

    I’m so happy for you all and can’t wait to see the little angel again!

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