Captian’s Log-15 April 2011- It’s All In the Angle

Lake Albert from the Congo side of the escarpment with the Rwenzoris in the background some 70 nautical miles away.

Another lovely day at the office.  The rain has knocked all the smoke out of the sky and visibility is just wonderful.  During smoky season you forget how beautiful this place is.  Africa gets burnt down seasonally and you can’t see more than a couple of miles so you loose your perspective.  But this morning was shocking in clarity.  I could see known landmarks 70 nautical miles away.  We were flying a route from Bunia to Entebbe and the whole length of the Rwenzori Mountain range was in sight with its snow capped peaks.  The other direction we could see the whole length of Lake Albert. Just beautiful.  I love my office!

Other things are pretty normal.  We picked up the clinic team in Bangadi after 4 days of work.  They had accomplished a great deal and were tired but content.  They are always so joyful to get in the plane and go back to a more civilized area.  Everything is quite relative on this front.  Dungu wouldn’t ordinarily pop into mind when choosing a spot to define as civilized.

We were asked to go pick up the body of a humanitarian worker killed in Doruma by the LRA but the Caravan was in Nairobi and we were out of Avgas for the 206 so could not help that day.

Lary Strietzel “back in the saddle again” after a long furlough.  It has been good for us to have them here again even though we thought it was going to be hard.

Our friends the Strietzels, are back from furlough in the States and moving into our house while we are gone.  We are packing and unpacking around each other.  Interesting times.  I flew with Lary to get him current again and gave him a proficiency flight review and he gave me one as well.  He will take over from me as chief pilot while we are gone.  We thought it would be a lot harder having two families in the same house at the same time, packing and unpacking, but it has actually been quite good.  Thanks Lary and Sheryl.

Lessons learned:

1. The beauty is still there even when you can’t see it well.  Wait for it!

2. Don’t look for the possible problems with people.  Things you thought might be trouble could very well be a great blessing.

3. Perspective changes perceptions.  Find the angle where the picture is best.

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