Captain’s Log-23 November2011-Photo History Update-Crazy Lorry Load Picture

I saw this Unusual Lorry Load on my way to Charles Prince Airport outside of Harare-Zimbabwe for a flight.  I was going down the road at about 70 kph.  Notice all the seat belts!   Everyone seems very happy.

There are a bunch of new pix on the Photo History Slideshow under Photos and slideshows.  Hope you enjoy them.  Memories can be a wonderful thing!

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10 Responses to Captain’s Log-23 November2011-Photo History Update-Crazy Lorry Load Picture

  1. Paul White says:

    Just look at the smiling faces. If it was the London underground, you’d be hard pushed to find one and that would be with seats provided as well !:0)

    • jcadd says:

      You are right Paul,
      It is one of the great things about Africa. It is amazing what you can find to be thankful for when life is more on the edge. they are probably very happy they aren’t walking. We could take some lessons this Thanksgiving. Jon

      • Paul White says:

        Indeed Jon. When returning home after travelling in Africa, I always come back with the feeling that I should be more grateful for small mercies like electricity at the flick of a switch, water at the turn of a tap, transport at the turn of an ignition key and also communication by internet and the click of a mouse. I hope to return to DRC after the elections have taken place and top up on my gratitude. Have a great Thanksgiving Jon.Paul.

        • jcadd says:

          Hey Paul,
          Are you related to that famous Paul White the “Jungle Doctor” that I used to read about when I was a boy? There were some amazing stories there. Do you know of him? I once heard him speak as a kid growing up in the Philippines. Cheers, Jon

          • Paul White says:

            No relation of mine Jon. I’ve been some pretty wild places, dropped at the magnetic North Pole by Twin Otter and told to get on with it for the next 3 months under canvas and travelled through some threatening war zones (especially Africa) when coups have been taking place but have to admit, never heard of my namesake ! I bet he did have some interesting tales to tell too, I love characters like that. Done some wild travels in the Philippines too in the past. Life is just too short sometimes. Cheers, Paul

  2. amen dube says:

    Police just could not make out that number plate!!

    • jcadd says:

      Hey Amen,
      Yes, that plate is hard to read isn’t it?! It is amazing what you see in the transport department around Africa. I have some great pix of that. I will have to put some on the sight. How is flying that heavy metal my friend? Would love to sit down and talk sometime. It has been too long. Cheers my friend, Jon

      • amen dube says:

        missed your reply..all is well, enjoying the whale as they call it, and yes, it has been too long. enjoyed your latest pics with the “blinging” trees. Africa at its finest! and how about that beautiful strip the dutch guys worked on! can imagine the approach. Flew a polar route to Canada the other day, looked still and quiet down below, and was telling my FO about your flying. Keep well my friend, and regards to the family,

        • jcadd says:

          Hey Amen, I love hearing from you my brother. I remember congratulating you on your first solo out at the Bulawayo airport. You have come a long way and I am proud of you. Our flying is VERY different. You do some amazing things. I can’t imagine flying the big stuff you do. I’d love to be in the right seat with you for a while and learn from you. But I think I would still choose my bush flying in the end. It is where I belong. You must come and visit sometime. I see Emirates flying into Entebbe all the time. Come and see us if you get a chance. Cheers for now my friend. Jon

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