Captain’s Log-24 November 2011- Very Thankful on this Thanksgiving Day

I don’t have to work hard at finding things to be thankful for.  When I say I’m “thankful” for my family it seems it’s too small or cheap a word.  Thankful on steroids is more like it!  I can not imagine a better wife than Cher.  She is exactly right for me.  A perfect fit.  And now that I have grandkids, it is as though I string words together like kids and grandkids and almost gloss over the kids bit.  But my kids are amazing.  My heart warms at the thought.  Now the grandkids are a real joy.  Each one holds my heart in their hand and has given me a new kind of love that I didn’t know before they came on the scene.  It is hard to describe.  But when my first granddaughter showed up, I was holding her little body in my arms and as I looked into her deep blue eyes someone said, “Isn’t that a sweet picture”.  And I said back, “You have no idea how dangerous I am right now.”  I would not have allowed anything to hurt this little girl and the intensity of my feelings to protect her was shocking to me.  I could really understand why in the wild, it is always the mothers with babies you have to worry about attacking.  Not the huge old bulls that are on their own.  Family…and it extends out from there in tree like fashion with roots and branches and the odd nut or fruit in a wonderful continuity of blessing.

I am thankful for the heritage passed on to me by my father and mother and their family before them and the faith in God they have nurtured in me.  Their example showed that it is possible to live out that faith and that a joyful marriage can last a lifetime, no matter what the world throws at you.

My mind rushes from one blessing to the next until it is a blur of thankfulness like the ingredients of one of the dishes on the table of great abundance soon to be before me.  Each ingredient special in itself, but becoming something different, but equally wonderful, when mixed together.  And there are many of these mixes of ingredients and dishes on the table.  The one of friends.   The one of prosperity.  The one of experiences,  And the lists go on.

I am a blessed man.  It is a good thing to think about.  What makes you truly thankful?

It has been a great joy to be with our whole family for the first time in years . We joined up at the beach and had a great time eating sea food at Mo’s, walking the beach, sitting in front of a roaring fire and visiting the undersea world of the Oregon Coast Aquarium.  To have all our grandkids together for the first time was wonderful.  (Sorry this is out of focus.  Didn’t get any clear ones.  Everyone moving too fast I guess.)

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4 Responses to Captain’s Log-24 November 2011- Very Thankful on this Thanksgiving Day

  1. jcadd says:

    Yeah, I am sure I am one of the nuts. Cheers

    • Miriam says:

      Well, the beauty of it is that now everyone in the family will be thinking, “Was he referring to me?”
      Haha. 🙂

      • jcadd says:

        Yeah, they are a interesting lot! And I love them.

        • Brett Stokes says:


          My good friend, and nephew to your friend Bill King, Michael Edwards mentioned he had the pleasure of meeting you, and that through your conversations, he suggested you and I should sync up. I am a pilot as well, own a Mooney 231 up in the Seattle area, and I have a lot of interest in what you do. I would love the opportunity to have a short conversation with you soon. My information is below, and please feel free to call or email me at your convenience. Thank you and look forward to meeting you!

          Brett Stokes

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