Captain’s Log-15 January 2012-Back in the Saddle Again

Unloading the Cargo of hospital supplies at Mungbere Mission 

As I cruised over the thick vegetation of the Ituri forest and the beautifully manicured Epulu airstrip, hiding its’ bounding bumpy surface, came into sight, I was struck again that I am just made for this job.  I love it.  It happened to me the first day back flying on Monday as well.  Lary and I had flown over to pick up a load of medicine and hospital supplies for Mungbere Mission, taking the chance to do a PFR (Proficiency Flight Review) along the way.  When I stopped at Kajjansi to load the cargo I was greeted by Daude Lule at the door of the Caravan.  “It seems you are glad to be flying again Mr Jon!”, he said.

Very happy to be flying over the forest again. Rosie Ruf from the Okapi Reserve is looking out the window at the millions of trees.

Oh yes!  It is such a pleasure it is hard to describe.  That perfect fit.  That moment in time when all the elements of a great receipt come together to create the mouth watering cuisine. delightful dish. When something….or someone…is fulfilling the purpose for which it or he  was created.  Like the sound of Babe Ruth’s baseball bat connecting with the ball that will sail out over the walls of the park for a home run.  Like morning mist on the banks of the Rogue River. The sweeping curve of the fly rods’ line as the sun traces it’s gentle path through the air.  When the fly almost touches the water and a huge rainbow trout tail-stands out of the water to grab the fly and…it is perfect.

That is me slipping my Caravan into a bumpy little strip of grass cut out of the tall trees in the steamy forest of Congo and making the delivery.  Just perfect!

Rosie finds a box of Swiss chocolates for Cher and me as a thank you for the flight while I unload the plane and play with the kids. Umm, those chocolates are good!  I like the picture of half in half out.  Like a picture half under water and half in the air above.

Cher and I lay in bed in the morning with smiles on our faces as we listened to the sounds of birds and the little town of Bunia waking.  She said to me, “Describe, in one word, what you are feeling right now.”  I said back without hesitation, “Relaxed.”  And she yelled out, “Hey, that is MY word!”   We are so glad to be back home where we belong.

Game Scouts of Epulu stand guard over the plane as I get ready to take off for Bunia. Notice the new terminal building in the background. Progress.  There are also flush toilets but they were all locked up and the man with the key was gone, so they were  not very helpful.

Kids at Mungbere Mission. Check the Obama T-shirt and the fashionable way to wear sunglasses.

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11 Responses to Captain’s Log-15 January 2012-Back in the Saddle Again

  1. amen dube says:

    new terminal being the green roofed hut? progress indeed! How lush it looks…Safe flying Jon..

    • jcadd says:

      Yeah Amen, It is luxury for us. Very up market. Almost to the place where it is out of place. But I will have to get them to give me a key so it is useful. Thanks for writing in. Jon

  2. helen cadd says:

    Your descriptions are beautiful, Jon. Yes, you’re back where you belong–even tho’ I miss you terribly. But is was great to have you for a while, and you were needed here. I love you, my son, and I’m really proud of you.

  3. jcadd says:

    Hey Scott, It was an honor getting to do all that stuff with you. You are a great friend and I can’t thank you enough for all you guys do for us. I am already missing your jokes and stories. God bless,

  4. Paul McG says:

    Jon, what is you email address?

    • jcadd says:

      Hey Paul, wrote you on email. Love to hear from you. It was great to see you . I still want to read some of the stuff you write.
      Cheers for now. Jon

      • Paul McG says:

        Jon, I haven’t received an email from you. Perhaps you got my address wrong.

        I’ll send you my next short story when I’ve completed it. Not sure when that will be….
        It was good to see you too!

  5. Dave Woolsey says:

    Good to read this account after recently hearing you express how much you were looking forward to being home flying again. But, we do miss you “flying” in to the Spit and Whittle Club here in Oregon for a relaxed visit.


    • jcadd says:

      Hey Dave, It was great being able to sit around your campfire. Always so much to learn hanging around you. Thank you for all the many things you do for us. Jon

  6. Paul says:

    Jon, you leave me absolutely green with envy. What great work you are doing and enjoying it at the same time. Someone is smiling down on you, for sure Safe flying Jon, keep up the good work.

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