Captain’s Log-19 March 2012-Medivac’s, Motorcycles, Missionaries & Medicine

Loading a patient in Doruma to go to Hospital. It is always good to get involved in peoples lives.

I love the variety in my life. It is wonderful to be able to help people in many different ways and it is great to have the element that makes everything come together.
The last couple of flights I have done have been interesting that way.  Besides just getting people where they need to go to get the work they need to do done, I have been able to get injured people to hospital and move men and machines around where they are needed, take some missionaries out to do work with translation teams and take medicines to a couple of clinics.  It kinda makes you feel like you got something done.  Even if the sky is dirty.  Another lovely day at the office!

Sarah Casson with SIL gets off the plane in Auzi to meet with the team there.

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4 Responses to Captain’s Log-19 March 2012-Medivac’s, Motorcycles, Missionaries & Medicine

  1. Honza says:

    Hello. At first thank you for your great stories.. My big dream is to fly in Africa, I want to ask you about requirements in nowdays… Are there any jobs for low timers pilots only with 200 hours and CPL? What is the situation?
    thank you very much for answer.

    • jcadd says:

      Hi Honza, I heard that Aviation Sans Frontier is looking for a 206 pilot in Dungu DRC. Not sure what they are requiring but there are some nice bush strips in the area that require some skill. French is helpful.
      Cheers, Jon

  2. Jenn Wolf says:

    Hi Jon,

    You’ve had a lot of awesome pictures lately on your blog (along with awesome stories, of course). Would it be possible to put your photos on a disc and send them home with Ron Wormser this week, or with Joey L. when he comes to training? Also, please include photos of yours that Joey printed in his newsletter about Saturday Flights (and the LRA). Thanks so much, and God bless!

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