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Captain’s Log-31May 2012-Malaria Madness

The flight to Isiro was pretty full and the people were ready to go by 7:00 a.m.  But we had word that the malaria in Nebobongo was so bad that children were dying for lack of the infusion that had … Continue reading

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Captain’s Log- 25 May 2012-The Hard Decisions

On what one might call a normal day at the office here, I took off at 8:00 after loading and preflighting and checking weather and all that good stuff.  Lots of stops were scheduled and the plane was full of … Continue reading

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Captain’s Log-21 May 2012- 400 Happy Elephants! What a Wonderful Sight

As we took off from Beni with the Rwenzori mountain range powerfully filling our windscreen, my passenger turned to me and said, “This is a once in a lifetime experience!”  And yet it is a normal day at the office … Continue reading

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Captain’s Log-12 May 2012- Six G’s: A Great Way To Remember What to Do When the Fan Quits

There is always that moment of blank unbelieving frozen motionless nothing just after the engine quits…and then, if you have “over-learned” what you are supposed to do and practiced it before every takeoff until your hands just go through the … Continue reading

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