Captain’s Log-21 May 2012- 400 Happy Elephants! What a Wonderful Sight

A wonderful sight to see so many elephants in one spot. They aggregate in the lush grassland to socialize with distant family. I was busy flying so these pix are compliments of Tanguy and Chris.

As we took off from Beni with the Rwenzori mountain range powerfully filling our windscreen, my passenger turned to me and said, “This is a once in a lifetime experience!”  And yet it is a normal day at the office for me.   But this morning was a not an every day type of experience even for me, for sure.
It is the time of year when the elephants aggregate, or come together, in wonderfully large groups.  I had flown over a bit of the park not seeing one elephant and was just getting ready to go back to the Nagero airstrip to drop off the guys I was taking there when I noticed a great number of elephant spoor on the ground and I turned the plane toward where it was going.  After following the spoor for only a few minutes I could see the elephants out in front of me and it was incredible.  Because Garamba National Park has huge areas of just rolling grassland you see all the animals in the open.  That is nothing like Zimbabwe where the Miombo woodland is usually breaking up your view.  It is thrilling to see so many of the largest of land mammals in one place and I reveled in the joy of it.  I will write more later but just wanted to get these pix up while I still have the trill of this amazing sight in my mind.

To see so many elephants in one place is a joy hard to explain. Like you are traveling back in time to when elephants were kings of the plains.

It is not all safe and happy for these elephants.  Four elephant poached in this area were found by game scouts.  A waste of a wonderful creation.

Abundant water as well as food allows large numbers of elephants to gather and stay together. Bathing it a daily pleasure this time of year.

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2 Responses to Captain’s Log-21 May 2012- 400 Happy Elephants! What a Wonderful Sight

  1. LuAnne Cadd says:

    I’ve never seen that many elephants in one place! Amazing.

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