Captain’s Log-24 September 2012-Fighting Malaria-Continued

Opening at Zobia airstrip. Now the Nebobongo airstrip is being fixed up to continue there.

We continue to support the effort to fight the malaria problem in the west of our area.  Because it is a seasonal thing it is slowing down in Zobia.  But a report from Nebobongo Hospital at the end of the month said that they lost 5 children a day in June.  When you hear it like that, it becomes more comprehensible.  And that is only one of the hospitals in a very small village out in the center of Africa where we fly.  Another reported “30 freshly dug graves”. But the whole area is affected like this.  At least one family lost all of their kids.
According to Roll Back Malaria, There were 174 million cases of malaria in Africa last year with 596,000 deaths.  90% of malaria deaths are in sub-Saharan Africa.  Most of those deaths (86%) were children.  But as Joseph Stalin said, “One person dies and it is a tragedy, a million people die and it is a statistic.”
I can’t help thinking of my two sons and it jars my heart at the loss I would suffer if Josh or Caleb were to be a part of that “statistic”.

Dave Jacobsson loads a bulky fridge in the back of the 206 with the help of local men so that medicines can be kept fresh in the equatorial heat.

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