Captain’s Log-November 11 2012- Keep the Dirty Side Down

My lovely Beech 18 that was such a joy to fly. With it’s World War II vintage radial engines and “conventional” landing gear with a tail wheel, it was squirrelly to handle on the ground and something out of another era.

There are a lot of ways pilots say goodbye at the airport as they go off to fly or as they end a radio transmission.  “Happy landings”, “blue skies”, “fly safe”, “keep the shinny side up and the dirty side down.”  Or my father in law, Claude Lewis, who was also a pilot, used to say to me: “Keep it low and slow and a lot of bottom rudder in the turns”.  I can’t remember if he started that before I married his daughter or if he was always that facetious but it is very bad advice in case you were thinking of trying it.  If you pilots have any more of those kinds of sayings or greetings I would love to hear them.  “May the sun and wind always be at your back.”  Did I just make that up?  Sounds a bit Irish.
Anyway, there is a new story in True Tales under Micronesia.  Hope you like it.

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11 Responses to Captain’s Log-November 11 2012- Keep the Dirty Side Down

  1. Dan says:

    As a former sailor, I would say, “Fair winds and following seas”, though that might not apply so well in Congo. Hope all is well with you and Cher.

    • Jon says:

      Hey Dan, I like the sailor saying. Doesn’t really work for flying. But it is the same idea as the sun at your back. Everything is shiny and nice when the sun is in back of you. Much different than squinting into the sun. Then as long as the wind is pushing you along all is well. When are you coming back to Congo? We enjoy your visits. Got some nice new spears. Cheers,

      • Dan says:

        Hi Jon,
        I will be in Uganda in February and July, so will probably hop over to Bunia during one of those visits. I would like to get out to Epulu – maybe you can take me. Hope all is well, and Happy Thanksgiving.

        • Jon says:

          Great news. Look forward to seeing you. Hope all is well. Are just seeing Goma fighting get serious. Lu just called and said the Virunga Parks airplane was destroyed at the Goma airport. Not good. She has evacuated out to Gesenye. My it keeps going.

  2. If you get to walk away from it, it was a good landing

  3. How about “Better late than dead on time!”? I have an hilarious account of “pilots on the ground” but it’s a couple of pages to upload….
    Kind regards, Victoria

    • Jon says:

      I like that. I would love to hear your story. cheers,

      • Hi Jon, happy to send this story of commercial pilots enjoying time off recreation! Might not be of so much interest to many of your subscribers….but it is very hilarious! Shall I post on blog or send by other means? Kind regards,
        Victoria (working with HIV/ children with developmental difficulties/Nepal & India)

        • Jon says:

          Hey Vicki, Thanks for the story. That was really good. I used to take Qantas crew on safaris at Fothergill on the time off while switching out crews. Much like this story. We had a hoot. Crocodile catching at night was the usual. Those crews knew how to have fun. I will say that for them. Sounds like you are into some interesting work there in India. Way to go! Jon

  4. David Gilmer says:

    No bent metal, no swapped paint…a good day.

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