Captain’s Log-17 November 20112-Tribute to Kids of Congo

Kids at Mulita Mission Station love to gather around the plane and me and really put themselves into all the pix.

Kids from Nebobongo have fish to sell at the airstrip.  It looks like little catfish and smell nice and strong. Smiles  all around from the boys.  It is an easy delight that I love.

We often see kids come to the plane with toy airplanes or helicopters made out of pieces of the vegetation from the forest. This one is made out of papyrus and the prop really spins in the wind. Some look very much like our Caravan.  The innovation and creativity of these kids is inspiring

Kids rush excitedly onto the airstrip at Nebobongo as the pilot takes off.  I wasn’t quite sure if it was to watch the takeoff or anticipation of some disaster.  I have seen the kids stand behind the plane to be in the thick of the prop wash but it was the first time I had seen them all run onto the field.

On a visit to the Baraka orphanage farm the kids wanted to give me a chicken, which I was grateful for, but I asked them to think of me when they ate it. Great day to remember.

A young deaf boy who is also an orphan in Banda. He is kind of a community kid who drops in on everyone from time to time. They just call him Bubu, which means “mute” in KiSwahili.  We are trying to organize some books to teach him sign language so he can communicate better.

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6 Responses to Captain’s Log-17 November 20112-Tribute to Kids of Congo

  1. Great Jon! I have a keen desire to experience such a splendid vocational tour with amazing world.

  2. Dianna G. says:

    Such lovely photos! I love to see all the smiling faces.

  3. Paul Beck says:

    Hi Jon,

    Greetings from the MAF UK team!

    Is it OK if we use one or two of these pictures on a MAF Facebook site, to encourage MAF prayer partners?

    Many thanks

    Paul MAF UK Communications Team

  4. Arne Puggaard says:

    It’s a very nice picture with you and the Kids at Mulita Mission Station.
    I shouls like to bring a short story about you and the visit in our next issue of danish “Flight Mission”. Can you offer a little history to me.
    Arne Puggaard
    MAF Denmark

    P.s. I was together with your sister LuAnne in East Timor and Arnhem Land.

    • Jon says:

      Hi Arne, You are welcome to do that. I will write you now. Lu said she loved going to Arnhem Land and East Timor. She is getting evacuated out of Goma as we speak. God bless you,

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