Captain’s Log- October 5, 2013-RATical RAT, OutRATious RAT, IrRATional RAT

Big Rat???  These used to be called Cane Rats in Southern Africa. Deogracias was not as happy as he might look.

Big Rat??? We used to be called Cane Rats in Southern Africa. Deogracias was not as happy as he might look.

The other night I heard a commotion in the back with buckets tipping over and dogs rushing around.  Then a tense, high, broken call from Deogratias, our night guard, told me there was something not right.  As I rounded the corner to the kitchen a huge rat came in from outside followed closely by our two dogs in hot pursuit.  It rounded the corner into the dinning room and then shot past me down the hall toward our bedroom as I tried to stop it with my foot.  Bobby, our African Grey parrot, was on my shoulder and he flew off in a fright, landing right in front of the fleeing rat and the stampeding dogs and immediately getting trampled over in the process adding accompanying squawks and shrieks.  The dogs finally caught this beast of a rat in the living room and killed it with great pride.  After all, this was a trophy rat and the biggest they had ever seen. Deogratias was absolutely horrified when I asked him to hold it up for a picture but he dutifully gripped its tail gingerly and held it up at arms length.

What do you think?  Big rat?

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12 Responses to Captain’s Log- October 5, 2013-RATical RAT, OutRATious RAT, IrRATional RAT

  1. Ops News says:

    Hi Jon

    I just ran across this blog about the rat and our Youth Coordinator wanted to use it on her MAF Youth blog – would that be alright? Great story and fab(or disgusting) photo! ☺ Kindest regards Mary


    Mary Stringer Communication Resources Officer

    Email: Web:

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  2. Connie Wright says:

    Jon, Never had the privilege of meeting you, but my husband, Will Wright, who was a mechanic with MAF once did. Your rat tail brought back memories of one morning at Nyankunde. I heard a ruckus from the kitchen and when I exited the bedroom I encountered a rat, followed by our cat, followed by Will. The cat peeled off into our main bathroom when it saw me, and I speedily got out of the way, too. Will pursued the rat into our smaller bathroom and won a decisive victory by kicking that nasty varmint into submission! It was only about a third of the size of your trophy. Will wants to know if you had the rat for supper. When we were in Mali the hangar workers caught a rat about half the size of yours and they roasted it. Will still regrets that he didn’t get to taste it! Greetings to our friends in your neck of the woods – Strietzels and Jacobssons. : )

  3. Eleanor swansin says:

    That was an amazing rat. Have never seen one that big. Was excited to read your blog and have subscribed so I get more of them.

  4. Jules says:

    That this is huge! It reminded me of the time I was chasing a frog about half the size of that rat around my room when spending the night in the Rift Valley.. I found it in my suitcase! Ah, the African adventures 🙂

    Love your blog!

  5. chipo Mwandla says:

    you guys were a blessing in our lives we were African missionaries with youth with a mission when we meet u and you flew us to one of the camps we were working God bless you foe all your labors it will be nice to hear from face book is chipo mwandla

    • Jon says:

      Hey Chipo, it has been a long time and great to be reminded of interesting times. I loved landing by that camp on the road close to the minefield. Remember there were quite a few refugees coming across that had legs blown off. That part was too bad. You guys did a great job there. Wonderful to work together like that.

  6. Dianna G. says:

    Gracious! This is enough to give a person nightmares! I hope you gave those dogs lots of love afterwards! I just love your blog, Jon.

  7. Jenn says:

    That’s one freakishly large rodent. Absolutely disgusting!!

  8. Walt says:

    Oh my gosh!! I thought I’d seen big rats but that… Wow.

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