Captain’s Log-12 December2013- Sanded

Walking the lake shore at Kariba near Bumi Hills I ran across a nice rubbing post frequented by elephants.

Walking the lake shore at Kariba near Bumi Hills, I ran across a nice rubbing post frequented by elephants.

I was still standing but many around had fallen. Dave had come off his motorcycle and separated his shoulder, Cher was very sick and needing my help, a plane at the airport had a flat tire on landing and we had 2 planes, one overhead that needed to land right away. So I had to get out to see if I could help clear it, which I did. But not before our MAF-UG flight had to turn around and go back to Entebbe, leaving passengers here who were going to miss connecting international flights. So, we had to put on another flight with an overnight for the pilot. Got a $13,0000 bill for someone to “inspect” our new aircraft. And so on.

As we talked “beside the fire” I told Bisoke about some of this and I think he could see some of the tiredness in my eyes. He said, “Jon, you know we Africans have a saying about leaders. They are like our traditional houses. There is a center post in the middle of the house and everyone coming in leans on it. They wipe their hands on it after they have eaten or blown their nose, they rest their backs against it when they sit, the goats rub up against it. It is just there where everyone needs it for something and it supports the roof to keep the rain from falling on us. But nobody thinks too much about how it is until it breaks.”

As I looked into the coals and contemplated that, I remembered my experience in the bush were I would be on a walk and come across stumps or tree trunks close to where animals came to drink and bathe. They got all muddy and then got out and rubbed up against the wood until it was as smooth as if someone had taken a belt sander to it. It was really quite beautiful in the midst of the rough surroundings to see mahogany or mopane or other African hardwoods shinny and smooth just from elephant, rhino and buffalo rubbing their rough skin on it. I hope that while I am the center post I become shiny rather than getting “rubbed the wrong way” and breaking. Maybe a lot of that is in the way one looks at the “sanding” process. There is friction and heat and pain as it is happening. But we are looking for the final outcome. Aye, there’s the rub!

There is a verse in the Bible that says, “consider it pure joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of many kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces patience…James 1:2-4

This old post rubbed smooth over years is ready for varnish

This old post, rubbed smooth over years is beautiful and ready for varnish.

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3 Responses to Captain’s Log-12 December2013- Sanded

  1. Kathy L says:

    Jon and Cher… I was looking at the photos on Lu’s blog and clicked on the photo of Rosemary of the okapi reserve.. I noticed that her eyes are different colors… That is rare but I have a son that has one light blue-green eye (his right eye) and his left eye is bottom half light brown and top half blue like the other eye…. It has a name but I don’t remember what is it.. . how different we are….. I’ve been told that at the time of conception that the eye gene “can’t decide” what color they will be if the parents have different eye the gene splits..All you have to do to see God’s handiwork is look around… interesting.. I cried when I read about the Okapi reserve.. I’m so sorry…

  2. Kathy Love says:

    Good one Jon.. Life can be challenging sometimes.. I don’t know how you do it…We as Christians have to figure out how to be “tough” or strong sometimes without being hard or harsh. You always do a good job of being strong and your Christianity always shows through.. Keep up the good work . We are praying for your work here in Oregon and I will pray that God gives you the strength to do all that is expected of you..I look forward to your blogs every week. One thing I have learned in all my 60 some years.. is that God ALWAYS knows right where you are and He ALWAYS loves you…The other thing I have learned to accept is that God has a plan….. I still shake my head at that one… I hope Cher is feeling better and you have managed to get all your “expectations” done.. (And I hope this little encouraging talk has helped lol ).. Kathy L

  3. Travis says:

    Well, you do have a little redish hew to ya… Just like that old post 🙂

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