Captain’s Log- 17 September 2014-News Flash-the Bush Pilots Wife

Cher with the dogs the day before her accident.

Cher with the dogs in the hammock the day before her accident.

Man, so much has happened since I wrote it is mind-boggling. One of the big things is that we have moved to a lovely mission station outside of Bunia called Nyankunde. It is a great pleasure to have a more rural lifestyle and have birds in the garden again. There was an Africa palm civet in the tree the other day and some guys brought a crocodile to sell me for fresh meat. It was still alive and very different than the Nile Crocodiles I had so much fun catching for many years. It was probably an African Dwarf Crocodile and I am kicking myself for not getting a picture of it. It was very dark, the whole belly being black. It’s teeth seemed smaller and there were a couple of spikey things behind its neck. It was a bit over a meter long. The guys were very afraid of it but I got it out to hold and examine. It was a female and very lovely. But they thought since I was a muzungu that I had unlimited funds and was stupid, so would pay $300 for it. I don’t and I am not, so it didn’t say with me. Sadly, it will probably be someone’s food for about $15-20.

New home in Nyankunde.  Love the place.  It fits us perfectly.

Cher has made our new house into a home in Nyankunde. We love the place and are so thankful to Dave Jacobsson and his crew of wonderful workers for the labor of love put into this house for us.  It fits us perfectly.

With our team before we got on the plane to go to Nairobi for an operation.  They were so great and helpful.

Cher and I are in the back of the Land Cruiser with our team all around praying for us and reading scripture over us before we got on the plane to medivac Cher to Nairobi for an operation. They were so great and helpful.

Another thing is that as we have moved, we are still unpacking and there is clutter around. Cher, my lovely bush-pilot’s wife, tripped and slipped and did the splits onto a cement floor and tore something in her leg. The doctors at the station hospital were very helpful but are more general surgeons and they admitted they were not orthopedics people. They did an ultrasound and saw what was at the very least muscle tear and hematoma and they gave her medicine for pain. Our team has been so incredibly supporting and helpful. The decision was made to medevac her out to Nairobi for an MRI as making the wrong decision would mean not walking right for the rest of her life. And I love the way she walks! The decision to medevac was definitely the right one. The MRI showed Cher had torn the hamstring muscles and tendons totally off the bone at the top so they had to be reattached. She was in surgery till about 12:20 last night and is doing well. Good spirits and the doctor has just come in to show us what the LONG recovery will look like. The Harvard sports medicine protocol for “Rehabilitation after Proximal Hamstring Tendon Repair Surgery” is pretty long and daunting, but we are into it. Cher is quite excited to think that after 20-24 weeks because it says she will be able to jog and jump and she didn’t do that before the accident!

Nice sunset from the porch

Nice sunset from the front of the house.

Thanks for your prayers. We are ready to be home in Congo!

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18 Responses to Captain’s Log- 17 September 2014-News Flash-the Bush Pilots Wife

  1. Robin Ankeny says:

    Love to read your blog. Sorry about Cher. Hope recovery goes well. Be safe!

  2. Kathy Love says:

    I have missed you guys soo much… I’m so sorry Cher you are hurt, but so glad that you got the best care.. Hopping and jumping ? I guess we’ll see that when it happens…lol..I don’t envy the work ahead of you Cher to get the leg going again but with lots of prayers and your hard work I’m sure you will make sure it’s done right.. You are always in my thoughts and prayers and your new home is just beautiful… Great job Cher in your decorating…and you too Jon… good job!

  3. scanfie says:

    Sorry to hear about Cher’s injury. I hope she gets a quick recovery. Your new home looks great. You both are in our prayers.

    • Jon says:

      Hey Scott, Thanks for your prayers. We are also praying for you my friend. Saw the good news on Outstanding. Jon

  4. Jenn Wolf says:

    So sorry to hear about your injury. Praying for you, Cher.

  5. Bob Schleicher says:

    Jon, looks like you are in our house, the one on the hill that overlooks the whole valley to the west, just above the old swimming pool. We loved that place, but were only there about a year and a half, came home to get help for Hanna, then went back to Nairobi until ’87. I retired from corporate job in 2010, in Honolulu, and am just starting to fly Caravan for Fed Ex contractor interisland. Sorry to hear about Cher, but know God will heal and restore her. We will pray. I flew the Partenavia from Nyankunde and the B99 in and out from Nairobi. Bob Schleicher,

    • Jon says:

      hey Bob, Yes that is the house. We love it. the pool is long gone. I was thinking of putting a crocodile in it but there is no water. at least it is not breeding mosquitoes. Sounds cool flying around Hawaii. Love those island hopping days. Thanks for writing in,Jon

  6. jwalker2ld says:

    You guys must be senior, veteran field staff. May God’s good health and safety be your full measure day-by-day …. finish strong … finish faithful.

  7. Karen Brewster says:

    Wow. Painful, I am sure. I will be praying as you recover, and I do love your new place.

  8. Pierre Maes says:

    O tikela malamu. Greetings, Pierre.

  9. Rosmarie Ruf says:

    Hi Jon what a pity so sorry to hear about Cher’s accident. All my best to her and hopefully she will recover fast. My thoughts are with her.

    • Jon says:

      Thanks so much Rosie,
      Cher came through the surgery and the doctor is very happy. They put her on crutches the next day. She is doing great. Thanks, Jon

  10. Amen says:

    Our prayers with Cher and yourself John. Keep safe in that vast land.

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