Captain’s Log-November 28, 2015-Thanksgiving Day in Congo


Nice big turkeys that we picked up in Beni with the help of friends.

We were excited to see that there were turkeys for sale in Beni and since we had a trip down there the week before Thanksgiving some of the guys ordered a bunch. Joel Hensen and I picked them up and brought them back to Nyankunde. But, in the end, it was thought that they needed a bit of fattening up before they became dinner. I don’t know, they seemed pretty heavy to me. Maybe a little muscular. I guess fat is more tender!


Turkeys in the pod of the plane, ready to go and get fat.

Our MAF team and guests gathered together at our house and shared lots of food. Chickens worked well in place of turkeys and it felt very much like a traditional Thanksgiving. We truly have so much to be thankful for: a beautiful place to live and work, relative peace and calm, fellowship with family and friends, food and shelter. We don’t have to look far to see the bounty God has blessed us with. We sang praises to our Lord and told him we were grateful. It was a lovely day.


We had the MAF East Congo team from Nyankunde for dinner as well as some friends, new and old. We had a great time together being thankful to our Lord.


A bit non-traditional Thanksgiving but Cher made elephant cookies along with pumpkin pies for dessert. Love elephants.  Very nice the next day in the plane.

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3 Responses to Captain’s Log-November 28, 2015-Thanksgiving Day in Congo

  1. Rob Fynn says:

    Hey Captain! Bit of high flying for those turkeys – now clearly very low flying!! Always good to see yr posts. Hugs and love to Cher. Never heard if you ever get to Harare? So love to see if you do, tho am not back there till March – wld you give me an email? Bestest.

    • Jon says:

      Hey Rob, Always good to hear from you. Wanting to paint one of our planes here so may fly by on the way to SA. Hope to see friends at the time. Let you know. Blessings, Jon

  2. Curt P says:

    Great post!

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