Captain’s Log-25-12-2015-Christmas Joy With Family


The Family on Christmas morning with Duiker, Dogs, Chameleon, Parrot and people.

LUC_1440 (1024x684)

Gabe flying the remote control helicopter.

LUC_1453 (684x1024)

Tess trying to eat the helicopter. This was a gift from our friend Scott Canfield before we left the states. Not totally focused but there was lots of action going on.

We have some of our family with us in Congo this Christmas holiday and it is great! Josh and Audra and their kids Raeleigh and Gabriel, as well as my sister LuAnne, are here and we have had such fun. We have been showing them some of the beautiful surroundings, going on hikes in the hills behind the house, bird watching, having great things to eat, (the chocolate supplies have gone up radically since they came), Christmas carols, carving gifts out of lovely Congolese wood, trips to the village, flying little remote control helicopters, and even helping build a local house with mud.

LUC_2950 (1024x684)

Some of the Christmas cookies we decorated.

LUC_3130 (1024x684)

Cher, the love of my life. Still crazy after all these years…about each other.

Probably the most fun for me is taking the grandkids on flights and showing them what I have been doing for the last 30+ years as a bush pilot in Africa. We have had some great opportunities to help people together and I have been able to let them sit up front and teach them some things about flying. They are both quite good and we might have a future pilot or two on our hands.

LUC_1729 (1024x684)

The flaps are looking good. This preflight inspection is going well.

LUC_1754-2 (1024x684)

Gabe and I check the fuel on the preflight before taking off for Boga.

LUC_1745 (1024x684)

Yes, all is good up here. Just about ready to fly.

LUC_1778 (1024x684)

My co-pilot and I on the way to Boga in the Cessna 206. Unfortunately the weather got bad and we had to return to our base. We went in the afternoon in the Caravan. Gabe is very clever and figured out the GPS very quickly. Also very good with the flaps for landing and takeoff.

It has been a great Christmas season that we will remember for a long time to come.

LUC_3178 (1024x684)

Raeleigh and I fly the Caravan to Burasi to pick up a sick person. My sister Lu is along and taking the brilliant photos.

LUC_3402 (1024x684)

Raeleigh’s hands on the controls. 

LUC_3297 (1024x684)

Landing at Burasi over the Semliki River. We saw so big killer crocs.

LUC_3313 (1024x684)

Raeleigh sits in the doorway as she waits for me to brief pax and make sure everyone is in their seats.

LUC_3375 (1024x684)

Over the escarpment to the Semliki River. Reminds me of the Zambezi valley but a bit more water and sadly, the wildlife has been gone for some years with the fighting.

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2 Responses to Captain’s Log-25-12-2015-Christmas Joy With Family

  1. Dave, Judy Woolsey says:

    Hello Jon, this is Kate W. In the first blog picture is that an African Gray Parrot on your shoulder? Kate

    • Jon says:

      Hi Kate, Merry Christmas to you and a very happy new year. Yes, it is an African Gray Parrot on my shoulder. His name is Bob, because the guys that gave him to us were British and they didn’t know if it was a “bloke or bird” Which is a way of saying boy or girl, or man or woman so B O B. We have had him for a few years now and he is a great little friend. Your grandparents are some of our favorite people! God bless you, Jon

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