Captain’s Log-January 8 2017- Return Service


Took 3 trips to South Africa to take planes for paint and bring them back to return to service. Each trip is about 15 hours of flying over beautiful country. More on this later, but got to see a lot of our old stomping grounds as well as see many good friends. Cher even got to go along a couple times. That was a treat!

It is hard to believe it has been 7 months since I have written. Since it has been such a long time between blogs I will just catch you up with a few pix and then give you lots of fun stories over the next few weeks to bring you up to speed. It is not that nothing has been happening, but more too much has been happening to have time to write. But as Christmas has wound down and I have a chance to breathe, it seems more fun to get going again telling some of the fascinating things that happen around us in Congo. I may even get the bush pilots wife to tell a few stories. That would be fun. So, here are some pix.


While I was gone on one trip, Cher was brought a snake in a sack. She didn’t know what it was till she dumped it out into a bucket and found a very poisonous Puff adder. They are beautiful and fast striking but slow moving across the ground and will often wait along paths to catch rats. So people step on them in the dark and get bit. Puff adders probably kill more people than any other snake in Africa. The snake was so beautiful that she kept it to show me upon my return. Although we love snakes and always have them around, we do not usually keep deadly snakes.


Very ingenious home made bicycle in the village of Tchabi where we landed to drop off a doctor for his work and pick up a pastor and patient for the hospital in Nyankunde. Kids will be creative to have fun all over the world. This is great.


Dave Jacobsson had his appendix out in the Nykankunde Hospital under a local anesthetic. His wife Donna assisted and Dr. Warren Cooper did the deed. He shows us the offending part as Dave gives the thumbs up in the background. I took the pictures. Ya can’t do that in America.


Kids in Epulu love to come to the plane to welcome me. They will chant, “Mazhee, Mazhee, Mazhee” (Magic), to get me to do some tricks. When we leave they all run to the end of the airstrip and stand behind the plane to get blown away by the prop blast as I power up to take off. There was only a small group this time.


Weighing out gold at Bungamuzi’s store. It is a serious process and men will work for days for $5, if they are lucky. Well, if they are really lucky they might find a nugget, but that is really rare. Bungamuzi, the shop keeper, was shot in a robbery months ago. It sparked more violence and four more people were killed before it was all over. This is the biggest store in our village, and you can see most of it in this picture. We shop here for much of our everyday things but get vegetables, beans, rice, meat etc. at an open air market.


Shiny new MAF paint scheme on the day I returned from the ferry flight from South Africa.


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