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Captain’s Log-January 8 2017- Return Service

It is hard to believe it has been 7 months since I have written. Since it has been such a long time between blogs I will just catch you up with a few pix and then give you lots of … Continue reading

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Captain’s Log-28 May 2016- Searching for Downed Aircraft

The calls started coming in on Tuesday morning saying that a plane was lost and suspected down in the huge Ituri rain forest about 130 nautical miles west of Kisangani. Would we send a plane to the area to look … Continue reading

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Captain’s Log-May 15, 2016-Chimp Rescue-More Fun Than A Plane Full of Chimpanzees

It is always interesting to be reminded of things that I should have written down, but didn’t, so when an NBC crew recently reminded me of a very interesting day I had back in 2009 I decided it was worth … Continue reading

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Captain’s Log-20 March 2016-Ndruna New Testament Dedication in Geti

It was an exciting day! We pilots are usually in the plane and see things from that perspective, so it was great to be on the dusty dirt road and on our way to Geti where the big celebration to … Continue reading

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Captain’s Log-18-3-2016-Plane Rescue at Chiondo

It was a great day. Emmanuel and Antony showed up in the Parks Cessna 182 at 7:15, which meant they had left at first light. I jumped aboard and we flew off to the new Virunga airstrip at Chiondo, on … Continue reading

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Captain’s Log-8 March 2016-Gorilla Family and Me

Last year I flew Gordon Buchanon and a BBC film crew into Kahuzi-Biega National Park in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo to shoot a series on a gorilla family there. It is always great to meet these guys who are … Continue reading

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Captain’s Log-31December 2015-Barn Raising African Style

Some of our family friends and co-workers here in Nyankunde are Kazi and Leoni. They have been building their house, a lovely woven reed structure with a proper tin roof, for a while now and Tuesday it was time for … Continue reading

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Captain’s Log-25-12-2015-Christmas Joy With Family

We have some of our family with us in Congo this Christmas holiday and it is great! Josh and Audra and their kids Raeleigh and Gabriel, as well as my sister LuAnne, are here and we have had such fun. … Continue reading

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iPad Falls from Aircraft Over Congo and Survives!

Pilots these days are really depending more on technology these days and iPads are becoming norm with EFB’s or Electronic Flight Bags installed.  They have everything from flight logs and  weight and balance sheets to strip charts and Pilot operating … Continue reading

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Captain’s Log-November 28, 2015-Thanksgiving Day in Congo

We were excited to see that there were turkeys for sale in Beni and since we had a trip down there the week before Thanksgiving some of the guys ordered a bunch. Joel Hensen and I picked them up and … Continue reading

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