The List

It has been my practice for a long time now to pray for men that I have come across who have somehow made an impression on me.  They are all tough in some way and yet in another way they know the value of someone guarding their back.  Some of these men have shot charging buffalo off of me while some have almost shot me.  Some have shot me!  (You know who you are.)  Some probably want to shoot me, or will when they find themselves on this list.  Some have been soldiers and done more than their share of killing.  Some would not do that for the world but would gladly, and I mean that, die for me in a heartbeat and I for them.  Some have died but I can not bring myself to take them off the list because I like them in my mind still and it reminds me to live this day and every day with purpose for things that matter.  Some have taught me valuable lessons that keep me alive in the bush or the “civilized world” or in a spiritual battle.  Some I have taught the odd thing.  Some are “confused by nature” because it clearly tells them something they don’t want to believe.  Some I have experienced amazing highs and crashing lows with.   I love these guys so I pray for them.  It is my way of guarding their backs.  The list gets longer as I go through life.   Maybe you would like to be on it…tell me.

Dudley Rogers                                            Steve Cadd                                  Rick Booye

Bill Taylor                                                    Josh Cadd                                   Paul Jenkins

Glen Tatham                                              Caleb Cadd                                  Walt Everly

Kirk Mason                                                 Dave Lepoidevin                        Damon Ellis

Mike McGregor                                         Lary Strietzel                               Guy Gray

Dave Edden                                                Curt Ankeny                                Zed Rusiki

Norman Monks                                          John Dina                                    Paul Conley

Cyril Cumins                                              Gill Haun                                    Dave Jacobsson

Mitch Bunce                                               Sandy Simpson                         Doug Lawrence

Piet Clemence                                            Dave Woolsey                                   Jeol Hensen

Dolf Sessien                                                Brian Kelly                                 Ron Crecelius*

Shannon Clemence                                   Scott Canfield                              Dave Hadley*

Dion Collet                                                Georgi Siderov                            Richard Cadd*

Carl Mason                                              Gary Leeder                            Dennis Sturdevant*

Stretch Ferreira                                        Carlos Olaaka                              Craig Sanders*

Richard Whitaker                                     David Lule                                    Andy Searle*

Simon Rodger                                          Danial Mas Kasereka                 Bruce Davisson*

Ken Jenkins                                              Jeff Newman                                  Colin Bristow*

Emmanuel De Merode                           Owen Fuller                            Jerry Roquemore*

Frazier Smith                                          Lary Strietzel                                          Bill King*

11 Responses to The List

  1. Christina Carter says:

    Jon, I met you back in the late 60’s when you and your family attended the Festival of Missions. in L.A. I was so amazed by your dedication and convictions. What brought it to mind was reading some of the letters you had sent me when you returned to the Philippines. You gave me faith when I had none, thank you for that, Christy Bobof Carter

  2. Callum clausen says:

    My name is Callum. I’m 14 and from England. I dream of becoming a bush pilot for the adventure and for the love of flying. ‘Why would you want to fly a big jet?’. Your blog is incredible! You are the exact person who I want to be when I am older. I kind man who loves life and his job. I want to fly all over the world but was just wondering about license conversions. How easy was it for you to convert your licenses when changing country?
    Many thanks

    • Jon says:

      Hi Callum, It sounds like you know what you want and are working toward getting there. I do love my job and it is fun and hard and good. Have you had any experience with flying yet or are you still working toward that some day? You will need to get a commercial license as to do the bush flying you look forward to. When you have that, conversions can be as simple as paying the money or writing Air Law and doing flight tests again, depending on the country you fly in here in Africa. I wish you all the best as you work toward your goals. Blessings on you, Jon

      • Callum clausen says:

        Hi Jon
        I am having my first flying lesson in 10 days time. So exited! Most company’s ask for their type of license before applying. Did you find a company who didn’t require the type of license or did you just take a break from flying as you would of had the wrong type of license for a bit from the country you were currently flying?
        Many thanks

        • Jon says:

          Hey Callum, That sounds great. I remember my first time in a small airplane. It was like everything changed for me. A whole new perspective both in what I saw out of the window and what I saw in my future. I hope you enjoy it as much. You will have to tell me everything about it. God bless you, Jon

          • Callum clausen says:

            I’m sure it will change my perspective as well:) I will be sure to tell you about it. I’ll send some photos if you want me to. Do you want to stay bush flying all your life or do you want to end your career on a jet?
            Many thanks

            • Jon says:

              Hi Callum, I have an Airline Transport Pilots License but have always wanted to be a bush pilot. I am not in life for the money. Of course, enough money to live is a good thing. I also don’t want to just be a bus driver in the sky. I love the adventure and variety and being able to help people and make a significant differenece in peoples lives with the plane. I think I will just stay a mission bush pilot as long as I can. Leave the big jets to cleverer people than me. Maybe you! How did that flying lesson go? Jon

              • Callum says:

                hi Jon
                The flight was great. The aircraft was a super dimona. I wish it could of been a cessna. I prefer cessna. Their just so beautiful. I don’t like flying in Europe though. The ATC is so formal and there is less of a passion for flying compared to places like america. this is only one of several reasons why i don’t want to live in Europe when I am older.

                As a 14 year old boy living in England I am the I have a different view of the world than other 14 year olds might have. In my opinion, the world has become to modern, which has caused some people to be less happy about what they have and has caused to many things to be taken for granted. I don’t like living in the more economical developed England nor do I like going to other more economically developed countries which are most of the countries in the world.
                This brings me to less economically developed places like Africa. Africa, the greatest continent in the world. But why? Well, you’ll probably think I will say amazing scenary right? Well no. It’s because of the people there. The people there are some of the most amazing people in the world. In our world, I find that the less fortunate people are often the happiest people. In places like where you work, if you got a camera out, the people in Africa would all smile and get into the photo whilst in England, if you had a camera and took a photo of someone, they would hide and say stuff like ‘ is my hair ok’ and ‘ I forgot to put lip gloss on today’. After all , if you got into the GCSE beauty class next my class on a Monday morning, they all look like dead zombies and all like ” ugh I don’t have 3G” and ” I really want the iphone6″. Yet kids in Africa are begging for a pen and paper yet are still so happy. It’s the spirit of the people in Africa despite the problems they face which I think we should all have in our world.
                My grandma and grandad were chief Salvation Army officers in South America and often helped out with disasters around the world. As a result of this, they are very grateful of the life that they have been given and pray to God every day.

                You’ve probably guessed already that I don’t want to fly jets:) being a bush pilot looks like the best job in the world. I am also not in it for the money, I wouldn’t like a life where I had a lot of money. If I had the choice of staying in a big house or a small apartment, I would go for the small apartment. If I had a choice of staying in a hotel in Maun or staying with a tribe in the wild, I would stay with the tribe. What did you think of the world when you were younger?

              • Callum says:

                I’ve just done some research into MAF. An amazing fellowship. My dream is now to work for them:) gues who inspired me to have that dream… You:)

                • Jon says:

                  Hey Callum, Sorry I missed your last letter. Wow! I usually see everything and try to answer letters. I am especially proud of you and what you are working toward. I wish you every success as you follow God and your passion for flying. How are plans for more flying going? I am praying for you. Jon

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