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A Mix of New Tech and Old School

Things are always changing, and much of them for the better.  I was just watching Cher flight follow this afternoon and, although some things are the same, with an HF radio, and talking to the pilots, taking takeoff and landing … Continue reading

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Captain’s Log-28 May 2016- Searching for Downed Aircraft

The calls started coming in on Tuesday morning saying that a plane was lost and suspected down in the huge Ituri rain forest about 130 nautical miles west of Kisangani. Would we send a plane to the area to look … Continue reading

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Captain’s Log-18-3-2016-Plane Rescue at Chiondo

It was a great day. Emmanuel and Antony showed up in the Parks Cessna 182 at 7:15, which meant they had left at first light. I jumped aboard and we flew off to the new Virunga airstrip at Chiondo, on … Continue reading

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Captain’s Log-7 July 2013-An Amazing Airplane: Continued

Well, after flying the new Grand Caravan some more I continue to be amazed at all the information at my fingertips.  I can’t help but feel like we are experiencing the same kind of jump in technology as the big … Continue reading

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Captain’s Log-25 May 2013-Oh, My Goodness, What A Plane!

Our long awaited brand new Grand Caravan just arrived in Congo and all the pilots have been getting checked out as it is SO different and new compared to our older one.  Which is serial number 10 Caravan off the … Continue reading

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Captain’s Log-7 May 2013- Unexpected Pleasures

Today I was meant to be in the office.  Not my wonderful airplane office but the real, 4 walls, desk, computers, finances, business stuff.  I do it to be helpful but it is really not my thing.  But as I … Continue reading

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Captain’s Log-10 March 2013-Plane Crash in Goma

This Monday a CAA Fokker 50 airliner crashed in bad weather into a residential area of Goma.  Rain and hail were reported at the time of the approach to land.  The aircraft hit an antenna at the UN compound right … Continue reading

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Captain’s Log – 24 March 2012 – A Problem Takeoff

After a trip back up to Faradje, Auzi, and Aru I was meant to meet the MAF Uganda flight and pick up Eric to fly him out to Epulu and stay overnight to do a survey in the morning.  We … Continue reading

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Captain’s Log-26 November 2011-“When the Wheels Fall Off”-(or your landing gear is on backwards)

The phone rang and my friend Simon Rodger was on the other end calling from South Africa.  He had been having some trouble with his Cessna 185 and, since I have specialized in working on them and taught him how … Continue reading

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Captain’s Log-2 April 2011-Joey’s Caravan Conversion and Other Bits and Pieces

It has been great fun over the last few weeks to be checking Joey Martin out in the Caravan.  He has already been flying in Congo for some years now so knows the area with it’s airstrips, operations, weather patterns, … Continue reading

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