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Captain’s Log-Dec. 16, 2017-Wedding Day with the King.

Last week all the MAF pilots were handed a very beautiful red invitation to a wedding.  It turned out to be for the son of the Traditional King  on the border of Congo and Uganda.  King Rutahaba Albert Ibanda Kituku … Continue reading

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Captain’s Log-20 March 2016-Ndruna New Testament Dedication in Geti

It was an exciting day! We pilots are usually in the plane and see things from that perspective, so it was great to be on the dusty dirt road and on our way to Geti where the big celebration to … Continue reading

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Captain’s Log-31December 2015-Barn Raising African Style

Some of our family friends and co-workers here in Nyankunde are Kazi and Leoni. They have been building their house, a lovely woven reed structure with a proper tin roof, for a while now and Tuesday it was time for … Continue reading

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Captain’s Log-November 15, 2015-Aerial Survey over the Okapi Wildlife Reserve

Loving African wildlife as I do, it is always a pleasure when I get to help the parks here in Congo. Rosie Ruf organized an aerial survey to check for poachers and illegal mining within the Okapi reserve so Cher … Continue reading

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Captain’s Log-October 23, 2015-Return To Burasi

So, people are really liking the Burasi airstrip being opened and I have had 2 trips back there since we went in the first time.   Dave Petersen went with me the first of those and, after we dropped some people … Continue reading

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Captain’s Log- 15 March 2015-Incongruity In Congo

The noise from the football game just down the hill from our house became so loud and exciting that Cher and I had to leave our little building project and go down to see what was so thrilling.   It was … Continue reading

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Captain’s Log- 2 January 2015-Congo Christmas Wet=White

Tradition! Like the old ‘Fiddler on the Roof” song we have many ideas of what makes things right. We like things to be a certain way at certain times. But it just can’t be all the time and you find … Continue reading

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Captain’s Log- 23 December 2014-It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Congo Christmas

We have always tried to keep Christmas set apart and special and not get too into the commercializing of it starting before Thanksgiving. We like Thanksgiving as well. We have so much to be thankful for, from the physical blessings … Continue reading

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