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Captain’s Log-January 1 2018-Burnt Little Girl

One morning at our prayer time before we start work Muno told us that his young daughter had spilled boiling water all over her leg the night before as she was helping her mother cook supper.  This is one of … Continue reading

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Captain’s Log-17 June 2014-Eyes Wide Open

It was a shock to me to find out that I was blind. And when I thought I had eagle eyes. It wasn’t till I first got to Africa and spent time with African trackers or hunters in an environment … Continue reading

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Captain’s Log-12 December2013- Sanded

I was still standing but many around had fallen. Dave had come off his motorcycle and separated his shoulder, Cher was very sick and needing my help, a plane at the airport had a flat tire on landing and we … Continue reading

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Captain’s Log – 26 August 2012 – How To Get Lost in the Forest

There is a new story of a mid-adventure I had on the “Beside the Campfire” page.  Hope you enjoy it.  As always, I love to hear your comments.  Have a great day.

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Captain’s Log-12 May 2012- Six G’s: A Great Way To Remember What to Do When the Fan Quits

There is always that moment of blank unbelieving frozen motionless nothing just after the engine quits…and then, if you have “over-learned” what you are supposed to do and practiced it before every takeoff until your hands just go through the … Continue reading

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Captain’s Log-22 April 2011-The Cross

There is a new post on “Beside the Campfire” called “The Cross”.  What would you say if we were sitting in the firelight with stars overhead and a nice sundowner in hand solving the problems of the world?

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Captain’s Log-18 March 2011-My Friend Dennis Sturdevant

I had just gotten my private pilot’s license so I told the boys in my Sunday school class that I would take them all for a ride.  Darren, Dennis’ brother could not bear to do it without his big brother … Continue reading

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