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Captain’s Log-16 March 2018-Rejoicing Refugees

It has been an interesting week with the IDP camp, organizing supplies and seeing what is most important day by day.   MAF Disaster Response had given us funds to continue helping.  Although we can’t do everything that is needed, we … Continue reading

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Captain’s Log-January 1 2018-Burnt Little Girl

One morning at our prayer time before we start work Muno told us that his young daughter had spilled boiling water all over her leg the night before as she was helping her mother cook supper.  This is one of … Continue reading

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Captain’s Log-20 March 2016-Ndruna New Testament Dedication in Geti

It was an exciting day! We pilots are usually in the plane and see things from that perspective, so it was great to be on the dusty dirt road and on our way to Geti where the big celebration to … Continue reading

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Captain’s Log-5 January 2015-Maud Kells has been shot!

I have written about our missionary friend, Maud Kells, before. She is a wonderful, caring woman who has given her entire adult life to the people here. She lives way out in the far reaches of the forest with very … Continue reading

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Captain’s Log- 10 May 2014- Manna from Heaven

As I prepared the plane for the morning flight I noticed a lot more people working in the “garden” around the airport. Every little shrub had a man or woman apparently trimming or cutting, many on their knees in the … Continue reading

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Captain’s Log- 17 November 2013- “1000 Zandi Bibles flown to Central African Republic”

I had a great trip up to CAR this week.  In Bunia we loaded up 1000 Zandi language Bibles and flew to Isiro where I picked up Wendy Atkins, a missionary with Africa Inland Mission, and then flew up to … Continue reading

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Captain’s Log-15 June 2013-Reopening Tchabi Airstrip

Monday, on my way back from Beni, I had a pickup in Boga so I took the opportunity to run down the Tchabi airstrip to see how improvements were going.  The grass was still very high on the end away … Continue reading

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Captain’s Log-28 November 2012-Bunia Violence as Goma Falls to Rebels

It has been an interesting week.  I wish I could tell you all of it, but it’s just not possible.  Cher and I had gone to Uganda to do a big maintenance operation on the Caravan.  We had the tail … Continue reading

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Captain’s Log-29 January 2011-Lots Happening

This is a bit of a catch up, but it has been a very busy week.  The 24th was fun as I got back in the 206 after a long time flying the Caravan for a flight around East Congo. … Continue reading

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Captain’s Log-26 January 2011- Reconciliation Team Flights

  I just finished some flights for one of the most exciting things I get to be a part of with MAF here East Congo.  That is flying the OEIL Reconciliation team.  I have been so impressed with these men … Continue reading

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