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Photos from April 2010

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6 Responses to Photos & Slideshows

  1. roger says:

    Hey there, Jon! Roger here in Lesotho. Great to see these pics. You always make life look fun. Hope all is well. cheers, roger

    • Jon says:

      Hey Roger, Wonderful to hear from you. Still wear the knife sheath every day. Wearing it now and love it. Always reminds me of you. Hope you guys are well. What’s your news? Jon

  2. Hello Jon en Cher,

    What an blessing that i was able to find you. Always been wondering where the Cadd’s have been traveling to. Still remember my youth and time spending with you guys in Bulawayo. Brings back a smile of joy. The way you interact the faith with everyone inspire those around you. That was and is a huge lesson i have learned. I saw that you are now based in Congo. How does that feel,and what are the main difference compared to your time in Zimbabwe? If political could would you like to go back to Zimbabwe?

    When you have the time would love to hear from you guys.

    Erik Boswinkel

    • jcadd says:

      Hey Erik,
      So great to have you write in. It puts a smile on my face as well to think of you and all the young guys over at our house. I will tell Ca your address and get him to write. Are you still flying helicopters at all? That is always fun. Come and see us in Congo sometime. More later. Blessings on you, Jon

  3. Neil & Kirsten Kluckow says:

    Hi there Jon & Cher,
    Don’t know if you remember us. We are friends of Marlowe Ellis and we met you there many years ago. Came across this blog and thought I would drop you a line. We now live in Boise, Idaho after our farming area Doma was taken. Notice a pic of Roger Parry a good friend of our from Doma. Love all your stories and pictures. Makes us feel home sick. Lots of love to you both. Neil & Kirsten Kluckow (ex Doma, Zimbabwe)

    • jcadd says:

      Hey Neil and Kirsten,
      Of course we remember you. How could we forget. Love Doma. You had a serval didn’t you! Lots of good memories there. We are coming to Boise now now. Would love to meet up with you. See you soon. Jon

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