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Captain’s Log-10 October 2015-Reopening Burasi Airstrip

Things are getting better in our area of Congo and security has been improving some. A good first sign of this is when an airstrip in a previously bad area is put back in service. It is always a fun … Continue reading

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Captain’s Log-9 June 2012-Opening of Zobia Airstrip-Malaria Mania Continues

I had flown over Zobia to see the progress of the work on the new airstrip on the last 2 trips I had taken to Dingila in the Caravan and it was coming along well.  But it looked short somehow … Continue reading

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Captain’s Log-13 January 2011-Usual Daze-Bangadi

It has been a pretty normal week with lots of flying.  There has been a lot of MSF flying; supplies and people.  We went into Bangadi, a place I haven’t been for quite a while, and there was no strip … Continue reading

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