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Captain’s Log – July 28 2018 – Garamba Celebrates 80 Years as National Park

Last month, Cher and I thought we should take an opportunity to get on one of our flights up to Garamba National Park before friends left at the end of their job contract there, so we went up for a … Continue reading

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Captain’s Log- 10 May 2014- Manna from Heaven

As I prepared the plane for the morning flight I noticed a lot more people working in the “garden” around the airport. Every little shrub had a man or woman apparently trimming or cutting, many on their knees in the … Continue reading

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Captain’s Log-21 May 2012- 400 Happy Elephants! What a Wonderful Sight

As we took off from Beni with the Rwenzori mountain range powerfully filling our windscreen, my passenger turned to me and said, “This is a once in a lifetime experience!”  And yet it is a normal day at the office … Continue reading

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