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Captain’s Log-20 March 2016-Ndruna New Testament Dedication in Geti

It was an exciting day! We pilots are usually in the plane and see things from that perspective, so it was great to be on the dusty dirt road and on our way to Geti where the big celebration to … Continue reading

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Captain’s Log-19 March 2012-Medivac’s, Motorcycles, Missionaries & Medicine

I love the variety in my life. It is wonderful to be able to help people in many different ways and it is great to have the element that makes everything come together. The last couple of flights I have … Continue reading

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Captain’s Log 28 June 2010-Flight to Isiro and Dungu

It was a short day just going to Isiro, Dungu and Doko before returning to Bunia.  The weather was cloudy but not too bad as I left Bunia but as I hit the forest the clouds became increasingly solid below … Continue reading

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Captain’s Log- 31 May 2010 – Non Flying Day

No flying today but lots of work.  We fixed some things at one of our families’ houses before they arrived back from furlough and worked with one of the internet antennas for Medicine Sans Frontier.   Then Lu and I went … Continue reading

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