Captain’s Log-12 November 2011- Elephant Encounter

A lovely sighting of elephant in the road.

A very close encounter.  Try to stay calm.

“Ah, I think I need a nice scratch.”

“Now this is a real scratch.”

“OK, that’s enough.  Now I’m tired of this.”

“Take that sports lovers.”

Well, this was game viewing- Up close and personal.  Elephant Dropping pictures of a different kind

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4 Responses to Captain’s Log-12 November 2011- Elephant Encounter

  1. de munain says:

    Not exactly a common accident here in Paris, an encounter with an elephant!!
    Pilot interested in flying in Africa, please let me know if you can advice I am holding FAA licences.
    Merci! jean-michel

  2. Jim and Brenda (Moodoy) Geiger says:

    Hi friends! Frank Roberts sent us this link to your site about the elephant. He thought we might be interested. We are Jim and Brenda (Moody) Geiger and we bought Claude Lewis’ home on Oak Pine Way. I believe this is where Cheryl grew up and I think she knew my brother David Moody. We love the home and the neighborhood. We did some remodeling to it to update it. Some of the neighbors still live here. Ed and Lois across the street and the Biondi’s I think were still here when Dr. Lewis lived here.

  3. Dan says:

    Hi John,
    Where are these photos taken?

    • jcadd says:

      Hi Dan, Sorry, the pix were taken in Pilansberg Game Reserve in South Africa. There were two people in the car when this big male elephant named “Amarula” became agitated and got aggressive with the vehicle. It was said to be in musth. “He was agitated and had wet patches down the inside of his legs.” Musth is a periodic condition in bull elephants, characterized by highly aggressive behavior, accompanied by a large rise in reproductive hormones. Testosterone levels in an elephant in musth can be as much as 60 times greater at this time. The wet between the legs, often penis hanging down and a green color are classing visual signs. Thanks for asking. I should have said a bit more about what was going on. Cheers, Jon

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